Right-Wing Attacks Loretta Lynch on Voter ID

Lynch, Loretta 2

When Durham, North Carolina’s Loretta Lynch goes before Senate Judiciary Committee today for her confirmation hearing for US Attorney General, she will be greeted by a wide array of right-wing Voter ID critics.  Catherine Engelbrecht is one of the better known ones, but, there will be several others.

Catherine Engelbrecht is the head of a Tea Party group called True the Vote that bills itself as an election watchdog.  Engelbrecht has been a favorite in the right-wing media for her willingness to level smears against the Obama administration, particularly with regard to the Justice Department’s investigation into discriminatory voter-id laws.  She described DOJ efforts to prevent the disenfranchisement of minority voter as a “radical, racialist assault on voting rights.”   Engelbrecht and True the Vote have consistently misinformed the public about allegation that sparked a Justice Department Investigation.

Engelbrecht is a representative example of the Republicans lined up and supporting the denial of constitutionally mandate rights to Black voters.  Of course, the issue of Voter ID is heating up as we approach the November 16 Presidential Elections.