White Supremacy’s Threat To Democracy

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What does ISIS has to do with white supremacy.  It’s simple.  ISIS is recruiting the young and disenchanted to their cause.  Whether their cause is good or bad really depends on who you ask.  And white supremacist are destroying American democracy and helping to create an underclass that is forever locked out of the American dream and thereby relegated to a permanent second-class status in America.

The role that jails and prisons play in the international war on terror is quite simple.  Many people that end up in prisons come from the underclass of society.  Radicals use prisons as prime locations for recruitment.  Here in America, many people in our prisons are there because they’re Black.  Many of the Blacks in prison are there because of past and present schemes used by white supremacist to subjugate and imprison Black people.

What do you think?

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