Sideview Camera Safety Feature: My Car Does What

Sideview Camera

Shows you an expanded view of a lane beside you when you use your turn signal, or when you activate the feature manually.

This feature shares similar uses to blind spot monitors.


Quick Guide

Side View Step 1

1. Activate

Turn this feature on by using the turn signal or pressing a button on the turn signal lever.

Side View Step 2

2. View

Look at the video display to see a view of the road on either side of your car.

Side View Step 3

3. Double-Check

Always look over your shoulders and use side mirrors in addition to using this feature.

How it works


This feature shows you a video view of what is next to – or coming up alongside – your car.


This feature improves passenger-side visibility – and in some cases, offers the driver a 360 degree view of the surrounding area of the car. You can use this feature to protect bumpers, side mirrors, trim and wheel rims from damage at slow speeds.


Use your turn signal, or activate the feature using a button usually located on your turn signal lever. If you want to use this feature while backing up, it may only turn on if you are going 3 to 7 miles per hour.


You should still check your mirrors and always look over both shoulders before changing lanes, parallel parking, making right turns, etc.

Question & Answers

Does this work for both sides of my car?

Depending on your car model, you may be able to see a view of the left-side and/or the right-side of your car when using your turn signal (or when activating the feature manually).

What if I want to see the lane next me but don’t need to change lanes?

This feature is designed to activate when you use your turn signal. However, for most cars, you are free to turn on the sideview camera screen using a special button located on your turn signal lever. Check your car owner’s manual for more information on how to turn on this feature manually.



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