Parking Sensor Feature: My Car Does What

Parking Sensors

Alerts you to the position of objects around your car as you park.

Takes the panic out of parking

Quick Guide

1. Shift

Shift into reverse to activate the front and rear parking sensors.

2. Listen

Listen for the speed of the warning sounds - a constant tone means you are close to an object.

3. Park

Visually confirm your car is clear and park.

How it works


This feature can detect objects in front and back of a car while parking, providing audible alerts if one or more objects are detected.


Ultrasonic sensors in the front and back bumpers of the car can detect objects. In most cars, the front sensors can detect objects up to four feet and the back sensors can detect objects up to eight feet.


When using this feature, listen for any audible warnings that there are objects in front or behind you as you are parking. The intervals between beeps become shorter the closer the car is to an object. Here are what the beeps mean:

  • High-toned, continuous beeps indicate objects are detected near the front bumper.
  • Low-toned beeps indicate objects are detected near the rear bumper.


  • Don’t fully rely on parking sensors to detect all objects in your parking path. They may not detect objects that are flat on the ground, below the bumper, too close to the car, or too far from it.
  • Make sure the sensors are clear of any obstructions on the bumpers, such as snow or dirt.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings while parking, including people or objects that may enter the parking path.

Question & Answers

Does this feature park my car for me automatically?

No, this feature is not designed to park your car for you. You are in full control of your car during parking maneuvers when using this feature.

Will this feature help me back out of a parking spot?

This feature’s advanced sensors are meant to detect the immediate area surrounding a car to help you park. However, they may not be able to detect objects further away within your backing path, so you shouldn’t rely on this feature to help you back out of driveway or parking spot. This feature also is not capable to detecting cars or other moving objects about to enter your backing path – this is a task that is better suited for a feature such as rear cross traffic alert.



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