Lane Departure Warning System: My Car Does What

Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning systems alert you if you’re drifting out of your lane using visual, vibration or sound warnings.

What It Does

What It Does: On highways when painted road lines are clear and bright on both sides of the lane.

What It Does Not Do: Driving when lane lines are covered or faded.


Quick Guide

Lane Departure Warning Step 1

1. Stay Aware of the Warning

You may receive a warning if you drift out of your lane.

2. Respond to the Warning

Steer back to your lane if you receive an alert.

3. Signal

When you change lanes, use your turn signal.

How it works


This feature can help alert you to drive back to the center of your lane if you mistakenly drift, helping to prevent you from being in a crash.


This feature relies on roadway markings to operate. It’s designed to alert you if your car begins to drift out out of a lane with one or more types of warnings.


As you drive, always be aware of your surroundings and the traffic in the lanes beside you. However, if you do unintentionally begin to drift out of your lane, use this feature to help keep you within your lane. If you do drift out of your lane, you’ll receive warnings on your dashboard, hear a sound, or feel your seat or steering wheel vibrate.


  • This feature relies on lane markings to operate. This feature is not designed to work on unpaved roads or roads without lane markings.
  • If the roadway is covered with snow, leaves, fog or debris, the lane departure warning may not be able to detect the lane markings on the road.
  • Using your turn signal will override the lane departure warning.

Question & Answers

What if there are no lane markings on the road?

Lane departure warning systems rely on road markings to determine if you have drifted out of your lane. If there are no lane markings present, this system may not be able to determine your lane position.
Additionally, if the lane markings are fully or partially covered by snow, leaves, fog or debris, the system may not alert you if it can’t read the markings. Check your owner’s manual or with your dealership for more information on how your feature may function during adverse weather conditions.

Will lane departure warning features work on highways?

Lane departure warning systems work best with highway driving where the roads are mostly straight.


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