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When you brake, it brakes harder

Techspert Morgan Price: Brake Assist

Introducing Techspert… Morgan Price!
Morgan gives us a quick and easy lesson on Brake Assist, the safety feature that adds additional braking power to your car during emergency stops. For more info see our page on Brake Assist.

Morgan is a PhD candidate in industrial and systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with additional degrees in biomedical engineering and injury epidemiology. She is currently focused on automotive research, vehicle safety and discovering the secrets behind how humans interact with machines and how they behave behind the wheel.
Drivers’ reaction times don’t always match how quickly they need to react to avoid a crash. If Brake Assist notices drivers slamming the brake pedal, it applies maximum force to the brakes to help make sure the car stops as quickly as possible.

Make sure to keep a safe following distance from vehicles ahead of you as you drive.

You brake, it brakes harder.

Does not automatically stop your car. (See Automatic Emergency Braking.)

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