Voter Suppression Threatens Hillary

When the 2016 General Elections roll around, if progressives haven’t engaged in a massive effort to mobilized to defeat voter ID and other voter suppression tactics their inaction will result in Hillary losing North Carolina and possibly her quest to become America’s first woman president.  Yes, once again North Carolina is a battle-ground state.  How and when should NC begin to mobilize?

The University of Oklahoma: Anywhere USA

By Peter Grear

When I first learned of the racist chant by an all white fraternity, at the University of Oklahoma, I posted the video to my Facebook page and asked a rhetorical question. “Where did they learn this?” I received several comments that addressed that my question, but I’ve decided that I should answer my own question. Black Lives Matter.

The real answer to my question is that most of those kids learned their hatred at home. It is also more probable than not, that the lessons they learned at home were reinforced by the lessons they learned in society at-large.  Their away from home lessons were learned from like-minded community leaders.

The lessons that are being taught to “these people” are lessons being taught nationwide. My hometown, Wilmington, NC is a prime example of how these lessons are taught. We can all imagine how they are taught at home, but examples of how they are taught in society at-large are instructive. Here in Wilmington, we have two highly visible, racially exclusive clubs, The Cape Fear Club and the Cape Fear Country Club. These clubs are populated by business and political leaders. Ambitious people with compromised morality aspire to membership in these clubs and in many instances achieve it.

Our racially exclusive organizations are populated by politicians, doctors, lawyers, business leaders and some leaders of public institutions. The clubs do outreach to institutional leaders that they require to compromise their morality in order to join. These club members teach Oklahoma lessons at home and by example, in their communities. Good examples of teachers here in Wilmington are State Representative, Susi Hamilton and attorney Ryal W. Tayloe.

It is fair to assume that the fraternity members were more likely than not, children from white middle to upper income families. The young adults were students in a major university, living in a frat house, riding on a chartered bus, dress in tuxedos and heading to a party. Their families taught these students hatred and bigotry but failed if they attempt to teach them how to hide it. They were reared to be morally compromised.

The attitudes reflected in this video are some of very same attitudes that I’ve witness on an ongoing basis in comments and other pronouncements made about America’s first Black President. A member of one of our local clubs, noted herein, sent an email picturing watermelons growing on the White House lawn. This was an immediate response to the election of President Obama.

The national leadership of their fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, expressed surprise at the racism, but if it surprises them that is simply proof that they don’t understand American racism and the racist culture that they, their fraternity and similar white institutions inspire. Actually, I don’t believe that is the case for a moment.

Oklahoma is not an anomaly. It is simply an example of the unfinished work of the Civil Rights Movement, The Second Reconstruction. It is proof of the need of The Third Reconstruction to address Oklahoma and more serious problems of racism in America. We need to teach the world that, “Black Lives Matter.”

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White Supremacy’s Threat To Democracy

What does ISIS has to do with white supremacy.  It’s simple.  ISIS is recruiting the young and disenchanted to their cause.  Whether their cause is good or bad really depends on who you ask.  And white supremacist are destroying American democracy and helping to create an underclass that is forever locked out of the American dream and thereby relegated to a permanent second-class status in America.

The role that jails and prisons play in the international war on terror is quite simple.  Many people that end up in prisons come from the underclass of society.  Radicals use prisons as prime locations for recruitment.  Here in America, many people in our prisons are there because they’re Black.  Many of the Blacks in prison are there because of past and present schemes used by white supremacist to subjugate and imprison Black people.

What do you think?

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AME Church calls for business support

Several months ago the AME Church laid down a marker that it would be wise if other churches and organizations would follow.   Reverend Jonathan Weaver says A.M.E. pastors, led by Bishop William P. DeVeaux, are poised to carry out a specific plan that they hope will spread to other denominations and ultimately catch fire in other denominations and the Black community throughout 2015.

The starting plan, in a nutshell, is for churches located in the A.M.E. Second District – North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. – to commit to the support of two Black-owned businesses. They are Thomas Morehead, president of a BMW dealership in Sterling, Va. and Donnell Thompson, co-founder/co-owner of RWDT Foods, Inc., a chain of restaurants based in N. Snellville, Ga. 

Will your church adopt a community empowerment initiative?  Please post a comment.

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The Race Problem

 On January 15, 2015, The Nation  magazine partnered with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and sponsored a forum that addressed the history of Blacks in America since 1860 and the ongoing problems that they face today.

The event will explored the critical need for a Third Reconstruction in the United States in the face of new Jim Crow efforts to restrict the rights of Black Americans. Moderated by the Schomburg’s Director, Khalil Muhammad, the forum featured Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author Isabel Wilkerson, Nation columnist and Columbia law professor Patricia J. Williams, Nation editorial board member and DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University Eric Foner, Nation contributing writer and blogger Mychal Denzel Smith and award-winning author and essayist Darryl Pinckney.

The must see video of the forum can be accessed at the link below:


Right-Wing Attacks Loretta Lynch on Voter ID

Lynch, Loretta 2

When Durham, North Carolina’s Loretta Lynch goes before Senate Judiciary Committee today for her confirmation hearing for US Attorney General, she will be greeted by a wide array of right-wing Voter ID critics.  Catherine Engelbrecht is one of the better known ones, but, there will be several others.

Catherine Engelbrecht is the head of a Tea Party group called True the Vote that bills itself as an election watchdog.  Engelbrecht has been a favorite in the right-wing media for her willingness to level smears against the Obama administration, particularly with regard to the Justice Department’s investigation into discriminatory voter-id laws.  She described DOJ efforts to prevent the disenfranchisement of minority voter as a “radical, racialist assault on voting rights.”   Engelbrecht and True the Vote have consistently misinformed the public about allegation that sparked a Justice Department Investigation.

Engelbrecht is a representative example of the Republicans lined up and supporting the denial of constitutionally mandate rights to Black voters.  Of course, the issue of Voter ID is heating up as we approach the November 16 Presidential Elections.

A Good Republican Idea?

A New Mexico  state senator is taking the Voter ID debate in another direction.

Senate Republican Minority Whip, William Payne, of New Mexico introduced a proposal this week that calls for the state’s top elections officials to study the feasibility of bringing biometrics into the Voter ID mix.

That could mean anything from retinal scans to the thumbprint-imaging technology used to access smartphones.

The Third Reconstruction: Political Accountability

Over the past months I’ve written about the necessity of Black voters requiring patronage in return for electing politicians to office. This week I’m providing a concept that I think will enable elected officials to demonstrate their commitment to including Black voters in job and business opportunities that the officials influence or control.  Hopefully, other ideas will be offered to improve upon this presentation.

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Our Challenge Ahead: Creating Black Wealth

The date of our Voter Empowerment Summit is still tentative, so I’ll not t elaborate on it beyond what has been said.  However, our challenge going forward hasn’t changed, and I’ll continue to address it and outline action initiatives.  Community empowerment is our goal and everything that we address is designed with that in mind.  Because of the difficulty of our road ahead, I’ll continue to address the areas that require aggressive attention with the hope that public feedback and support will help focus and galvanize our efforts.

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