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AME Church calls for business support

Several months ago the AME Church laid down a marker that it would be wise if other churches and organizations would follow.   Reverend Jonathan Weaver says A.M.E. pastors, led by Bishop William P. DeVeaux, are poised to carry out a specific plan that they hope will spread to other denominations and ultimately catch fire in other denominations and the Black community throughout 2015.

The starting plan, in a nutshell, is for churches located in the A.M.E. Second District – North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. – to commit to the support of two Black-owned businesses. They are Thomas Morehead, president of a BMW dealership in Sterling, Va. and Donnell Thompson, co-founder/co-owner of RWDT Foods, Inc., a chain of restaurants based in N. Snellville, Ga. 

Will your church adopt a community empowerment initiative?  Please post a comment.

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The Third Reconstruction: Political Accountability

Over the past months I’ve written about the necessity of Black voters requiring patronage in return for electing politicians to office. This week I’m providing a concept that I think will enable elected officials to demonstrate their commitment to including Black voters in job and business opportunities that the officials influence or control.  Hopefully, other ideas will be offered to improve upon this presentation.

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Our Challenge Ahead: Creating Black Wealth

The date of our Voter Empowerment Summit is still tentative, so I’ll not t elaborate on it beyond what has been said.  However, our challenge going forward hasn’t changed, and I’ll continue to address it and outline action initiatives.  Community empowerment is our goal and everything that we address is designed with that in mind.  Because of the difficulty of our road ahead, I’ll continue to address the areas that require aggressive attention with the hope that public feedback and support will help focus and galvanize our efforts.

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