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The University of Oklahoma: Anywhere USA

By Peter Grear

When I first learned of the racist chant by an all white fraternity, at the University of Oklahoma, I posted the video to my Facebook page and asked a rhetorical question. “Where did they learn this?” I received several comments that addressed that my question, but I’ve decided that I should answer my own question. Black Lives Matter.

The real answer to my question is that most of those kids learned their hatred at home. It is also more probable than not, that the lessons they learned at home were reinforced by the lessons they learned in society at-large.  Their away from home lessons were learned from like-minded community leaders.

The lessons that are being taught to “these people” are lessons being taught nationwide. My hometown, Wilmington, NC is a prime example of how these lessons are taught. We can all imagine how they are taught at home, but examples of how they are taught in society at-large are instructive. Here in Wilmington, we have two highly visible, racially exclusive clubs, The Cape Fear Club and the Cape Fear Country Club. These clubs are populated by business and political leaders. Ambitious people with compromised morality aspire to membership in these clubs and in many instances achieve it.

Our racially exclusive organizations are populated by politicians, doctors, lawyers, business leaders and some leaders of public institutions. The clubs do outreach to institutional leaders that they require to compromise their morality in order to join. These club members teach Oklahoma lessons at home and by example, in their communities. Good examples of teachers here in Wilmington are State Representative, Susi Hamilton and attorney Ryal W. Tayloe.

It is fair to assume that the fraternity members were more likely than not, children from white middle to upper income families. The young adults were students in a major university, living in a frat house, riding on a chartered bus, dress in tuxedos and heading to a party. Their families taught these students hatred and bigotry but failed if they attempt to teach them how to hide it. They were reared to be morally compromised.

The attitudes reflected in this video are some of very same attitudes that I’ve witness on an ongoing basis in comments and other pronouncements made about America’s first Black President. A member of one of our local clubs, noted herein, sent an email picturing watermelons growing on the White House lawn. This was an immediate response to the election of President Obama.

The national leadership of their fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, expressed surprise at the racism, but if it surprises them that is simply proof that they don’t understand American racism and the racist culture that they, their fraternity and similar white institutions inspire. Actually, I don’t believe that is the case for a moment.

Oklahoma is not an anomaly. It is simply an example of the unfinished work of the Civil Rights Movement, The Second Reconstruction. It is proof of the need of The Third Reconstruction to address Oklahoma and more serious problems of racism in America. We need to teach the world that, “Black Lives Matter.”

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