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This Greater Diversity News project commemorates the historic struggles of Black Americans and their supporters to transform America into a non-racial, multi-ethnic, opportunity society that is characterized by political, social and economic justice.

Nearly four-hundred (400) years since Blacks were brought to America they have endured slavery, Jim Crow and second class citizenship.  This publication will take you from 1619 through 1865, the Era of Slavery; 1865 – 1954 the Era of the First Reconstruction; and 1954-2013 the Civil Rights Movement (Second Reconstruction) and finally, from 2013 forward (the Era of the Third Reconstruction).

Within the pages of this comprehensive  publication you will find historical data that will help you understand the present predicament of Black American communities.  You will find stories about current initiatives that are taking place to address the lingering inequalities and injustices that exist today.  You will read commentaries that interpret various aspects of each significant era of Black history in America and the enduring struggle of Black Americans to recognition as human beings.

We will test you knowledge of Black history in America and hopefully stimulate you to learn more about it and chose to get involve in pursuing the goals of this Third Reconstruction.  We will reference many publications and Internet sites that will enable our readers to expand their knowledge and understanding of Black Americans struggles for freedom and equality.  We will include selected photographs and illustrations that depict the long and bloody existence of Blacks in America.

Finally, we will highlight various initiatives that hold promise for achieving the goals of The Third Reconstruction.

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