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The Third Reconstruction is a website project sponsored by Greater 249_ico[1]Diversity News.  Its goal is to  enable individuals and organizations with concerns about the plight of Black people, empowerment, and communities to come together to create new initiatives to  address the many challenges that we face in our efforts to attain social, political, and economic justice.

The Third Reconstruction site serves as a forum for collecting and disseminating ideas and initiatives designed to promote our culture,  individuals, and communities. Our site serves as a networking forum that enables individuals to find like minded people to work with and empowerment initiatives to support or replicate. We are promoting The Third Reconstruction as an umbrella/vision philosophy of self-help, self-reliance, and self-determination. Our interest is in identifying and promoting a wide variety of activities and ideas that will lead to better opportunities for individuals, businesses, and Black communities.

At The Third Reconstruction, we are interested in receiving a variety of information regarding The Third Reconstruction ideas and projects.  We post news and commentaries on an ongoing basis and at least one editorial on a weekly basis.  Our primary content provider is Peter Grear, Esq.  His expertise is Black history, economics, and culture.  Our coverage will include focuses on the role of the Black church, the Moral Monday Movement, voter suppression, Voter ID, and police misconduct, #blacklivesmatter.

We cover the efforts of Black elected official to create opportunities for their constituents and communities in the areas of jobs, and wealth creation.  They are sponsoring and supporting legislation intended to give their constituents access to the “American Dream.” They are promoting legislation designed to defeat voter suppression.

Our target is audience is social progressives that believe and support equal rights, human rights, and equal opportunity.  Our forum will be a place where progressives can come together to exchange progressive ideas and build progressive coalitions around issues and political candidates.

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