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Diamondback Current Ebike Diamondback Current

Gravel bike with Bosch Performance Line Speed, 500 Wh battery, capable adventurer can handle just about anything.

MSRP: $4,100.00
Diamondback Response Ebike Diamondback Union 2

The Class 3 with a sleek aluminum frame, Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, a powertube integrated 500Wh battery, Kiox display, and lights.

MSRP: $4,100.00
Sale Price: $3,500.00
Diamondback Union 1 E-Bike Diamondback Union 1

The Class 3 Union 1 built on a sleek aluminum frame with internal cable routing powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor and a powertube integrated 400Wh battery.

MSRP: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $3,000.00
Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 E-Bike Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625

Cube Kathmandu, Class 3, Shimano, Commuter

MSRP: $4,199.00
Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro E-Bike Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro

Liv, Class 3, Yamaha, Hybrid Rigid E-Bike

MSRP: $4,300.00
Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500 Ebike Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500

Cube, Touring/Hybrid Bike, Class 1, 625Wh

MSRP: $3,549.00
Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 E-Bike Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500

Cube, Touring Ebike, Class 1, BOSCH 500

MSRP: $3,849.00
Haibike Trekking 5 Haibike Trekking 5

Are you ready for big and small Trekking eBike adventures? Then get going with our new Trekking 5! The Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor supports you reliably with sufficient power and a standard luggage rack offers you enough storage space for your equipment. For the tenacious voyagers, this motor offers greater efficiency to make each electron take you farther. Should a day’s ride take longer, powerful lighting will get you safely to your destination even in the dark.

Wide 27.5" tires provide a large enough wheel size to provide a smooth ride both on and off-road, but still be maneuverable. Front suspension and high-volume wheels allow for a cushioned on-road ride, and the ability to cover bumpy terrain when the pavement ends. A 55-pound capacity rear rack gives you the confidence to carry camping gear, groceries, or any load you wish.

MSRP: $3,550.00
Sale Price: $3,050.00
Momentum Voya E+3 Momentum Voya E+3

A lightweight commuter bike which puts the bike in electric bikes.

MSRP: $2,400.00
Bulls Iconic EVO TR1 Speed Ebike Bulls Iconic EVO TR1 Speed

Bosch Gen4, Speed, Dual Suspension eSUV

MSRP: $5,799.00
Cube Kathmandu Hybrid ONE 500 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid ONE 500

All-around e-bike with Performance CX

MSRP: $3,649.00
Giant Explore-E+2 Low-Step 2021 Giant Explore-E 2 Low Step

Class 3 Low-Step Cross Commuter. Fun and Affordable.

MSRP: $3,450.00
Giant Explore-E+2 2021 Giant Explore E+2

Class 3 Cross Commuter. Terrific Value!

MSRP: $3,450.00
Giant Fastroad E+ Pro E-Bike 2021 Giant Fastroad E+ EX Pro

Super-agile Class 3 Commuter

MSRP: $4,300.00
Liv Amiti-E+2 2021 Liv Amiti-E 2 2021

Class 3 Low-Step Cross Commuter. Fun and Affordable.

MSRP: $3,450.00
Sale Price: $3,300.00
Magnum Navigator E-bike Magnum Navigator X

Sleak styling, powerful, with throttle

MSRP: $2,349.00
Giant Momentum Transend E+ E-Bike Momentum Transcend E+

Affordable Class 3, Nexus Internal Hub

MSRP: $3,250.00
Pegasus Premio Nu Wave Diamond EBike Bulls/Pegasus Premio Nu Diamond

Bosch Speed (Class 3) - Fully equipped.

MSRP: $4,699.00